Leverage Team

Meet the Leverage Team

Here are the collective brains turning every supply chain challenge into a triumph of teamwork.

David Quintilio
President and Founder, Leverage Supply Chain Group

Meet David, the go-to guy and founder at the helm of Leverage Supply Chain Group. Imagine him as that friend who’s always two steps ahead in the game of logistics chess, helping companies big and small whip their supply chains into shape.

This guy has seen it all. In his 36-year career at UPS he did everything from crunching numbers in finance to orchestrating supply chain symphonies. He’s not just a thinker; he’s a doer with a knack for diving into the trenches. You can find him mapping out strategies or side-by-side with folks on the warehouse floor, all in the name of getting that global reach just right.

Armed with a treasure trove of experience, David’s the Sherlock Holmes of supply chains. He’s all about spotting those pesky little gaps and using some serious tech wizardry to leapfrog over traditional hurdles. His moves are all about upping efficiency, smoothing out kinks, and keeping things humming along at top-notch speed.

And let’s not forget his home run in healthcare logistics. In his most recent role as Vice President of Healthcare Logistics and Distribution at UPS Healthcare, he navigated the complex world of life sciences with a cool $10 billion riding shotgun. It’s like he’s got this sixth sense for the sector.

When it comes to crafting supply chain magic, he’s the MVP you want in your corner, full stop.

Mike Borgerson
Executive Vice President

With 37 years of experience tucked under his belt at the global logistics powerhouse UPS, Mike is no stranger to the intricate dance of global sales and supply chain. He’s perfected his moves in transportation, warehousing, and logistics, from the cobblestones of Europe to the bustling markets of Asia. Just like a well-traveled nomad, he’s collected a treasure trove of international industry wisdom along with those passport stamps.

But don’t let that intimidate you—Mike’s all about good vibes, great communication, and building a tight-knit team. He’s got a knack for turning strategic industry plans and cross-functional values into some pretty impressive results.

Since 2015, Mike’s been leading the charge in managing and developing business activities for big-name clients in the healthcare industry. Imagine him and his team working together like a well-oiled machine, crafting global integrated solutions that add value for customers, making them happier than kids in a candy store.

Before this gig, Mike served as the Vice President of Business Development for UPS Global Logistics and Distribution. There, he directed all global business development activities related to the company’s key offerings: Distribution, Service Parts Logistics, Express Critical, and Mail Innovations.

And that’s just a taste of his journey—Mike’s held several senior roles within global, strategic and enterprise sales organizations. Sit back, relax, and let Mike do his thing!

Lee Ghannam,
Vice President, Marketing

Lee kicked off her career at UPS, diving headfirst into the world of marketing research, strategy, project management, and data analysis.

Fast forward a bit, and she’s weaved her magic in the healthcare logistics marketing scene, making waves with her knack for event planning.

For eight years, Lee was the maestro behind some of the most buzzworthy healthcare logistics events, tradeshows, and sponsorships. Think of her as the planner extraordinaire, turning visions into reality and setting the stage for what would become flagship gatherings.

Lee’s claim to fame? Transforming the UPS Healthcare forums from cozy customer meets to the must-attend marketing extravaganza of the year, skyrocketing brand awareness and positioning UPS as the go-to guru in life science logistics.

And now, Lee’s bringing her A-game to us at Leverage. With her passion for marketing that’s as deep as her knowledge in supply chain and logistics, she’s here to supercharge our B2B marketing game. From crafting killer strategies to fostering solid relationships with channel partners, Lee’s on a mission to not just enhance our brand presence but to make it resonate. She’s all about driving engagement, sparking sales conversations, and ensuring our brand not only gets noticed but remembered.

Amy Wright,
Vice President, Communications

Meet Amy, our go-to VP Communications who’s been in the game for nearly two decades, making waves and building bridges. Amy’s not just any communications expert; she’s the one you call when you need to cut through the noise and connect. With close to 20 years of experience under her belt in the Fortune 50 world, she’s seen it all and then some. 

From the drawing board to the digital world, Amy hand crafted narratives that do more than just sell—they resonate. They build relationships. They turn customers into communities. And let’s be honest, in a world where everyone is shouting, Amy has mastered the art of getting people to listen. 

But don’t think it’s all business with Amy. Think of her as your friendly neighborhood communications wizard, armed with an arsenal of strategies and a knack for storytelling that turns even the driest data into compelling content. 

Behind every successful campaign, there’s a moment where strategy and story meet. That’s where you’ll find Amy, at the crossroads, directing traffic. She’s not just sending messages out into the void; she’s starting conversations, sparking engagement, and creating moments that matter. With her at the helm, we’re not just reaching audiences; we’re connecting with them, one genuine, vibrant narrative at a time. V

Dave McLean
Executive Advisor

Dave is our resident guru in all things supply chain at Leverage Supply Chain Group. Imagine a UPS veteran with a solid 35-year track record in the logistics and supply chain industry. He’s no stranger to the big leagues, having served as a Senior Director of Distribution Operations in UPS’s healthcare division. His expertise also stretches into the retail and aerospace supply chain spaces.

Dave’s strengths lie in transportation, warehouse and inventory management, order management, industrial engineering, healthcare distribution regulations, and freight forwarding. Think of him as a Swiss Army knife for your supply chain solutions. But it’s not just about the technical stuff; Dave is a maestro when it comes to leadership, nurturing talent, and building enduring customer relationships.

With Dave as part of our crew, we’re ready to make some serious waves in the supply chain universe.

Tandreia Bellamy
Executive Advisor

Tandreia has seen and done it all in the world of supply chains.

In her previous roles at global logistics giant UPS, Tandreia was the mastermind behind key aspects of operations strategy and planning. Consider her like a seasoned tour guide, always mapping out the next stop while ensuring the current one is thoroughly explored. She guaranteed assets were managed to a T, forecasts were as precise as a GPS coordinate, and technology tools were developed to optimize the journey. And she did all this while offering top-tier service—talk about a navigational feat!

Tandreia’s journey led her to the world of global logistics and freight forwarding, where she was at the helm of industrial engineering activities. Imagine her coordinating everything from distribution to post-sales support and even innovating mail services. She was also instrumental in ushering in advanced tech solutions that minimized manual labor—talk about being ahead of the curve!

But Tandreia’s not just about the technical stuff. She’s got people skills to boot, having led diverse teams around the globe, juggling IE, tech support, and quality control. She’s the kind of leader who rolls up her sleeves and gets down to business, fostering a spirit of teamwork that’s infectious.

Troy Stout
Executive Advisor

Let’s talk about Troy, our resident whizz in the logistics and supply chain world. Imagine a pro who cut his teeth in ops, business development, account management, and solutions for 30 years. He’s held the reins at big-name companies like UPS Supply Chain Solutions, CEVA, Ryder, and Transportation Insight. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also been the go-to guy for emerging 3PL providers looking for a boost in business development and consultation.

But wait, there’s more! As a senior operator, Troy’s been the driving force behind the growth and performance of both budding and well-established operations in distribution, fulfillment, and transportation. Picture him as a gardener, nurturing these operations to full bloom and earning a bunch of kudos along the way.

Then Troy decided to switch gears and dive into business development. Since then, he’s been the maestro behind some pretty impressive contract logistics engagements across various sectors—think tech, healthcare, auto, retail, you name it. He’s also been the one to roll out many best practices, kind of like a trailblazer setting the path for others to follow.

So here’s the deal: Troy is a supply chain superstar, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team. With his wealth of experience and knack for leadership, we’re all set to take the supply chain world by storm.

Luis Perez
Executive Advisor

Meet Luis, your friendly neighborhood supply chain guru. With over 30 years of globetrotting experience under his belt, he’s seen it all—from consumer goods to life sciences, retail to software, and just about everything in between.

He’s not only a seasoned pro in logistics and transportation, but he’s also a whiz at handling P&L—even when the stakes are as high as $100M. Whether it’s steering high-growth periods or navigating company turnarounds, Luis is the guy you want at the helm.

But that’s not all. Like a well-traveled nomad, Luis has left his mark on every corner of the globe, from North America to Asia Pacific, Latin America to Europe. He’s been the driving force behind expanding international presence for supply chain service providers across these regions.

His secret weapon? Managing diverse cross-functional teams with a knack for transforming organizations, be it Fortune 100 companies or mid-sized players. And thanks to his hands-on experience working at every level—from C-suite to shop floor—Luis knows how to navigate multicultural environments like a pro.

Trisha Clements
Executive Advisor

Meet Trisha.

Before joining Leverage, she brought her A-game to Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), a key player in the wine & spirits scene. Trisha’s IT prowess shone bright as she steered enterprise-wide transformations, aligning visions and spearheading projects like a seasoned pro. It was her knack for steering IT teams through every twist and turn that paved the way for impactful change.

At Equifax, Trisha took the wheel in Planning & Execution, leading the initial launch of the mammoth Data Fabric project that transformed billions of data records into a Google Cloud masterpiece. Her 15-year stint at Verizon saw her crafting IT improvements and championing Agile methodologies, setting the stage for successful ventures like new CRM modules and global SAP consolidations.

With a degree in Language and International Trade from Clemson University, plus certifications like PMP and PMI-ACP under her belt, Trisha embodies a blend of expertise and enthusiasm. Beyond work, you’ll find her camping, exploring new horizons through travel, enjoying her family and giving back to her community in Roswell, GA.

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