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We’re in cahoots with the crème de la crème of channel partners to fine-tune your supply chain operations. Let’s dive into how we make the magic happen to help you build a full and complete supply chain ecosystem.

Channel Partners

CSCS marries business process, technology and company culture to develop strategies and plans so customers can implement optimized supply chain operations and solutions. CSCS has a team of experienced subject matter experts who provide complete 360-degree implementation services for in-house or third-party supply chain management software.
With over 40 years of industry leading experience, AFS ensures the success of more than 1,800 clients with unrivaled insights, proven processes and a dynamic application of analytics that run throughout its entire portfolio of services, including freight audit and payment, parcel, LTL and transportation management services.
Kargo is the leading computer vision solution for loading docks, enabling enterprises to unlock unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and visibility across their warehouses. Kargo’s patented technology captures freight data and visuals at the dock door, automating shipping and receiving processes and providing accurate, real-time data on inventory and operations.

Zion Solutions Group illuminates the future of the supply chain. Offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions, Zion Solutions Group harnesses creativity, collaboration, and advanced technology to deliver strategies grounded in both innovation and intuition. They believe in a holistic approach to problem-solving. Its proven method is designed to tackle the simplest to the most complex challenges. Whether recommending a process change, introducing cutting-edge robotics, implementing intuitive software, or advising on brownfield or a new facility, its solutions are always tailored to your needs.

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